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Client: Robert Ahearn

Writer: Bob Johnson

Art Director: Tom Joyce

Founded in 1886, the Westinghouse Electric Company went through a series of acquisitions and mergers during the 1990s, becoming part of the CBS Corporation. In 1998, CBS established a brand licensing subsidiary, Westinghouse Licensing Corporation, to monetize the original Westinghouse name apart from any manufactured products. CBS was acquired by Viacom, which was eventually absorbed into Toshiba. In 2010, Toshiba's decided to re-energize the alloyed "Westinghouse" brand. San Francisco's Jumbo Shrimp was hired to initiate conceptual rebranding, and Creativewerks was commissioned as part of their team. We drew a direct parallel between the original innovative spirit of George Westinghouse and the cutting-edge products currently in our lives with "Innovation Lives ON." 

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