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In the realm of graphic design, there is nothing more challenging and satisfying than books and magazines. We have produced prototypes and quarterly publications as well as numerous book covers and interiors. Here are some samples:

The APO E Gene Diet • Pamela McDonald
Better Behavior • Noah Kempler
Beyond Psychology • Frank Gerbode, MD
Beyond Trauma • Victor Volkman
Civilization and the Transformation of Power • Jim Garrison
Daktoum • Christopher Upham
Don't-Know Mind • Richard Shrobe
Fire, Aim…Ready series • Eliot Wagonheim
Lands End • Bill Fox
The Last American Wizard • Terry
The Lost Celt • A.E. Conran
Not My Buddy • Tracey Berkowitz
Overreach • Blood of Patriots • J.D. Ludwig
The Present Parent Toolkit • Tim Dukes
The Sound of Blue • Holly Lynn Payne
Will Against Waves • Vance Fong
An Intentional Life • Christine Louise
Ladakh • John Lund/Nevada Wier
Red Kite II • It's How You Sail • Anthony Root
RIX • In Our Own Words • Peter Engler
Elixir Magazine
Enigma Magazine
IONS • The Noetic Sciences Review​
Metamorphosis Magazine
Shift Magazine
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