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With over thirty years of experience in every aspect of brand, consumer, business-to-business, demand generation and integrated marketing communications, Creativewerks has earned accolades for writing, art direction, video production, graphic design and photography, with the creative awards to back it up.

We've demonstrated expertise in the branding and strategic positioning of products, services, and marketing events, developed shrewd messaging for

a wide array of industries, and shown flexibility and responsiveness to the tactical needs of our clients

on every level. We work with top-flight production specialists to offer a fresh perspective on everything from traditional print to digital and social media.


We know there is an authentic voice for every product, a unique look for every brand and a proven way to tell a compelling story. We'd love to tell yours.

We are available for individual assignments and contract work.            Scroll down to see a few recent challenges and our contact information. 


You're a recognized name in Europe. But in North America, composers and musicians don't know you from…well, you get the idea. How do you build a global brand that connects emotionally?

Your future is the "Internet of Everything." But does anyone really buy that vision? With Sarah Silverman learning about the possibilities of IOE with her future-self,  the CES audience saw a very engaging future through her eyes.

How do you rebrand a well-known, natural product for a new generation of potential users with sensitive noses and too many choices?

You've licensed your good name to offshore companies that have diluted the quality of your well-established brand. Okay, how do you rehab that key message of future-thinking innovation?


How do you appeal to Millennials without alienating the Boomer membership that has supported your research for forty years?

You want a coffee table commemorative book for clients and employees telling the story of your compressor equipment dating back to the California gold miners. But how do you make compressors look sexy?

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